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Promote sustainable fishing.

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Reach the different partners and give us positions of lost, abandoned and stranded fishing gears.

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Give a
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to traps and ropes.

If you wish to get involved in the project (fishermen who wish to equip their boats, rebreather who think they can give a second life to the traps and ropes, companies willing to get involved in technology, etc.) contact us!.

Action Pêche Fantôme

Let's clean our seabed of lost fishing gear


The challenge

For many species at risk, entanglements and collisions are among the main threats.

Large animals can become entangled in vertical ropes that remain suspended in the water column. More than 80% of North Atlantic right whales have become entangled in fishing gear at least once in their lifetime (Knowlton et al., 2012). Threats of entanglement have been clearly identified in recovery plans for some species at risk and/or assessments by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC).


It is estimated that several tens of thousands of traps lie on the seabed.

Fishermen regularly lose traps every year. It is estimated that several tens of thousands of traps lie on the seabed. These traps continue to fish, generating ghost fishing. In addition, with their line remaining suspended in the water column for several years, they continue to present an entanglement risk for the targeted species.

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